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BLAUPUNKT FXS 01 - color gold

The brand name Blaupunkt equates to reliable German quality, sophisticated European style and an excellent price-value ratio in the case of mobile phones as well.

Extra-small mobile phone? Portable music player? Practical partner for festivals? A great tool to reach your children? Or great gift idea? The FXS 01 is all this, in one.

The size of the FXS 01 is only 85.9 * 47.9 * 6 mm. In addition, its weight is only 44 grams, which is half or third the weight of an average mobile phone.

Despite its small size, the FXS 01 is a really versatile device. The FXS 01 is equipped with a music player, FM radio and Bluetooth connection. In addition, an odometer can also be found in it. All this makes this phone the ideal device for sports and  recreational activities.

Despite its small size, the device has big buttons, making it easy to navigate. With its varnish black screen, the FXS 01 has an elegant, and at the same time, a modern effect.